Aug 30, 2010

It's so hard not to post 20 pictures on the blog with our amazing trip trough the I choose this one because, I guess,
it really catches my feeling. This is Romania, like it's vegetable markets, full of tasty and colorful products, beautiful and wild,
absurd and sad, different from one seller to another, with extreme ugliness but also with self thing is don't
get bored.

And I have to say there are a lot of things that I wanted to do in my country, but never did, I wanted to sleep in the old communist
hotels,you always have a great view , spend night in this small camping wood houses, having the possibility to cook a coffee
everywhere I am, navigate in the Danube Delta, see the pelicans, go to Braila, finally see the Brancusi "outside" works...It's always
amazing how easily you can transport your self in the age when you first had this wishes.