Mar 13, 2013

Pictures from our installation "What you put is what you get", (video, audio, print, object) in the "It’s Compulsory That We Have
a Title" exhibition at the Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest.

 Mixer is an artistic group interested in combining the documentation of social phenomena with elements of investigation and
adaptation of the imaginary around these phenomena. What brings together the members of the Mixer group is the interest for
the narrative and visual background of practices and rituals related to the archiving of anonymous values, in relation with
contemporary daily practice and actual interpretation.

 * Corina Bucea and Ana Botezatu are Mixer.


The project presents a subjective archive of recipe notebooks, put together into a personal collection of recipes and specific
elements belonging to the culinary universe of women who reproduce and interpret a specific form of gastronomic material.
The interest in this social phenomenon is focused on illustrating the form of information transmission – hand to hand, page to
page, mediating a certain type of informal knowledge, where the recipe notebook represents a symbol of conservation of shared
information and communicating between housewives, as an analog open source network. The approach of the personal archive is
meant not as criticism, but as an implantation in this system of transmitting information, partially assuming the same means used
for archiving the recipes in notebooks, but partially also inserting new elements in the informational network. The result is a new
element perpetuating the network, where individual identity is diluted for the sake of content and the process generating it.

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