Jul 20, 2013

cliche summer holiday

scrapbook of a wonderful, almost cliche summer holiday...trying not to post postcard pictures, it's hard!

started with the Ulm School of design by Max Bill, bin lucky to have a guide who let us in every corner of the building, kitchen,
class rooms, studios, everything original, cheap and elegant, great! You could feel the great work atmosphere from the 60's and
a wave of envy for the students than.


also in Ulm beautiful church an library from Gottfried Bhöm


 than Hamburg, cycling around day and night , Elba beach, listening records in parks, taking a bath in  Stadtpark, reading in
Jenischpark, going out dancing, meeting friends and family, as always nuggi's elbkate, best fish and view, anniversary on balcony,
 opening night.

+   Darß again